Virtual Escort
A Virtual Escort

Provide an additional layer of security for employees, students, faculty and staff. They set a fixed time for their departure and arrival, and their “guardians” are notified when your community members reach their destination.

Confidential Conversations

Strengthen your community’s engagement through two-way confidential texting. They can directly connect with you and report any suspicious activity, along with text and images, discreetly though their smartphones without the fear of retaliation.

Help with a Push of a Button

Connect your community directly with  safety officials through one click of a button. If the situation is unsafe for them to speak, your members can send a text message and a picture, and share or stream their location in real time.

Targeted Notifications

Send geo-targeted push notifications to specific members of your community based on their real-time locations, even if they don’t have a cell signal. 

Connect and protect your community anytime, anywhere

Build positive relationships with your employees, students, faculty and staff by directly providing them with emergency assistance, two-way communications and resources. Rave Guardian will help healthcare organizations, colleges and universities, and businesses solicit more need-to-know information through discreet and anonymous tips, protect traveling community members with safety timers, and drive more engagement with bilingual geo-targeted notifications and two-way texting. 

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Rave Guardian Features

Provide a Virtual Escort

Rave Guardian offers users additional security with a safety timer. Users choose to have their peers or security monitor walks, ensuring they get to their destinations safely. If a problem arises, security is immediately notified and can view users' locations and key profile information. If a situation escalates at anytime, an emergency call is just one click away for users.


Improve Response Time

Route two-way messaging sessions by department or need, so only the designated team will receive these real-time chats. The assigned team can then instantly respond to your community members.


Centralize Important Information

Keep vital contact information organized in a call directory. Include phone numbers for human resources, IT and finance, so your community members can stay in the know. A content directory would feature community information, such as policies and procedures, holiday schedules and campus maps.


Benefits of Rave Guardian

Rave Guardian allows your community to stay connected with you as they walk across campus, travel on business, and work in an office or in the field. Drive community engagement and response, increase reporting and prevent dangerous situations through two-way texting, anonymous tips, emergency assistance and resources — all from a custom-branded app.

Bolster Engagement Through Customization

Customize branding, icons and feature configuration in Rave Guardian, so you can drive interaction with your community. You can push out any changes immediately.

Expand Your Reach

Rave Guardian fully integrates with Rave Alert™, a mass notification system. The platform provides multimodal communications, as well as targets specific community members in certain areas. Members already authenticated in Rave Alert would also be validated in Rave Guardian.

Enhance Incident Management

View safety timer sessions, tip submissions, text messages, emergency calls, user locations and 9-1-1 calls through the incident management dashboard. It provides detailed real-time and historical reporting with key metrics showing past tips and events, as well as audit trails.

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