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Automated Communication of Key Information

Designed for the early minutes of response, this user-friendly tool reinforces policies and procedures. It also provides critical information, such as emergency protocols or suspect photos, in real time.

Critical Tasks Immediately Assigned

Move task management from paper or phone to an intuitive online dashboard with defined tasks, clear ownership, up-to-date status and notes to strategically align stakeholders.

Event-Specific Access to Resources

Make sure you are always prepared with prebuilt templates for all types of scenarios alongside reference documents added before, collected during, or shared after an event.

Extensive Recording of Responses and Actions

Speed response and ensure compliance with a detailed timeline recording all necessary actions taken during routine situations or unexpected emergencies.

Make Sure Every Task Is Completed

It’s challenging to have paper-based checklists sitting in a folder or notes on a personal mobile phone when lifesaving decisions and actions must be made. Teams need to be prepared for all possible events and make strategic decisions quickly during those initial critical moments of an incident as first responders arrive on scene. Rave Collaborate ensures all key resources can be easily found and implemented when the unimaginable occurs. Staff can quickly see what needs to be done, make appropriate response decisions, and account for their actions.

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Rave Collaborate Features

Manage Crisis Events

Be ready to react to any unexpected crisis —active assailant, medical outbreak or emergency, SWAT callout or severe weather.

Mitigate Operational Disruptions

Initiate communication during major events, from severe weather to facility closures, power outages and road closures to operational issues that impact your supply chain, infrastructure and IT.

Track Compliance Activities

Stay on top of testing for health and safety measures (e.g., fire alarms and pull stations), daily COVID mitigation activities (e.g., health checks and cleaning protocols), or drill schedule enforcement and compliance tracking (e.g., fire, active assailant and weather exercises).

Integrate Critical Communication Tools

Tap into Rave Alert for mass notification, as well as other communication and IoT technologies, to provide a central platform for incident collaboration. 

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