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A safer community is a connected community.
Leverage a single platform with integrated critical communication, data and response capabilities for safer communities.

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Powerful, Secure and Flexible Mass Notification


Flexible Communications

Use the system in a way that best suits your needs.


Proactively Collaborate With Your Team

With pre-defined templates based on your continuity or disaster recovery plans.


Burden Free

Do not strain your IT department or infrastructure by requiring the installation of hardware, software or phone lines.

Partner with your community to save lives.

Did you know you can collaborate across agencies to leverage all your data and communications for a coordinated response?

Rave’s government solutions go beyond simple mass notification. It is an enterprise-class emergency and incident management system, providing the features, flexibility, and functionality business continuity professionals need to quickly and reliably prepare, execute, and deliver on continuity plans. Our solutions help you prepare, communicate, poll, track, collaborate, and report on all types of emergencies.

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9-1-1/First Responders

First Responders

Improve emergency call outcomes by facilitating better call resolution and faster response through resident-provided information and mobile location data.


Emergency Managers

Scale your resources to identify, inform and protect access and functional needs populations during catastrophic events as well as post-event analysis and planning.


Local Government Officials

Set a powerful example for other communities by implementing lifesaving technology to prepare your community for known and unforeseen risks and disasters.

Critical Capabilities for Helping Your Community

Multi-Modal Reach

Send notifications via email, SMS, phone (landline, mobile, VoiP, or satellite), fax, pager, TTY, digital displays, push notifications to a mobile app and more.


Flexible and Easy-To-Use

With flexible advanced administrator options, your organization can use the system the way that suits you best. Step-by-step logical message creation paths enable you to send messages confidently from any mobile device to the correct recipients, on their preferred device, quickly and easily.

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Access and Functional Needs Registry

Help emergency managers understand the individual needs in their community and enable faster communication during a disaster with a web-based, resident-provided access and functional needs registry.


Enhanced Situational Awareness Data

Equip first responders with accurate site details, such as floor plans, utility shutoff locations, hazardous material and AED locations during emergency calls, and as part of a searchable critical infrastructure database.



Engaging and Protecting All of Canada

With Rave Mobile Safety’s Platform, be prepared to do all you can to optimize emergency response, deliver critical internal communication, ensure personal safety, deliver critical internal communication, and provide the right information at the right time to the right people.

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